My experience as a researcher expands for over 20 years generating data and producing different kinds of reports and reviews for professional, scientific and mass audiences. The written formats include research reports, (institutional) briefings, essays, articles and books.

In mass media, I have appeared as a commentator and journalist in television, radio and digital media for many news outlets in Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium and Argentina, among other countries. I have also contributed as a consultant for content development of audiovisual material, specifically for documentaries and television series. In addition, I have assisted museums for the acquisition of collection items and the set-up of itinerary exhibitions.

The research data that I work with is collected by means of extensive fieldwork using ethnographic methods in the social sciences that include observation, in-depth interviews, life stories, and discussion groups. These anthropological techniques allow to gather first-hand information directly from the involved individuals, institutions and stakeholders. I use visual recording too, mostly photographies and videos that become a much valued support.

The countries where I have carried out ethnographic research are largely in Latin America, in Mexico but also in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Paraguay. I have similarly conducted (short) research projects in the United States, Italy, Hong Kong and India.