Painting and sketching

My main source of inspiration is nature, in its purest presence. Nature is the departing point but also the very support of my work. Only natural materials are employed, with no polluting chemicals or synthetic pigments. These colors come from rocks, soil, plants and animals, and that gives them their power and truth. Pure and simple.

Art allows me to explore traditional techniques that have been in use for hundreds, even thousands of years. Somehow, this provides depth to the work, making a travel to the very origin of mankind.

Social media today define how we look at and consume images. Picture taking is now arguably the most popular hobby worldwide. Everybody uses the camera on the smartphone to make selfies, and apply filters to play or correct bodies and landscapes. But digital images die the moment a new post is made. Digital images are per definition disposable and often empty of meaning.

I go back to the matter, to paper and cotton. I chose natural mediums -like pigments, minerals, gums, water, metals- over digital technologies to create images in their minimal, most pure support.

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